Date Published: 3 August 2021

Sarah Foss

Chief Information Officer, Audacy
Inspired by the voice of

Jane Pauley

At first, I thought I would be a politician--specifically, POTUS. But, at age 10, I became hooked on pre-school mornings with The Today Show -- and Jane Pauley. Smart, witty, experienced, well-versed in almost everything, Ms. Pauley made me realize that being a tough-as-nails journalist didn't just report the news, she educated the American public and brought the world to our living rooms every weekday (and with a fantastic wardrobe). My career aspirations moved to media with the hopes that I, too, could change the world.

A Little Bit About Me

I watched and learned from Jane Pauley from a very young age. And, I'm grateful every day that she opened up a world that a young girl in Oregon never could have imagined without watchng her on The Today Show.

A Voice of Inspiration

Jane Pauley

Ms. Pauley was--and still is--celebrated for her capabilities, brains, and presence. Surrounded by men on the show--and in the newsroom--she helped me visualize a career path for women that, until her, I couldn't see. While I didn't end up in front of the camera, she inspired me to pursue a path in media; and, after almost 30 years, I still love it.

Shared Voices

AWM was a place to find other smart, connected, passionate media professionals that, like me, had glass ceilings to break. The camaraderie, the support, the recognition, the outreach to women at all levels and across all media organizations--it made AWM a place for me to belong. I love that I can cheer on my peers still breaking those damn ceilings and work with others to blaze trails for young women entering our industry.

Jane Pauley

Kids learn more from example than from anything you say; I’m convinced they learn very early not to hear anything you say, but to watch what you do.