You Don’t Get There By Simply Dreaming, Hoping, Wishing.

Since its inception in 1951, the Alliance for Women in Media has been committed to supporting talented, dedicated, established and up-and-coming women across all media segments through education, connection and recognition.

From our biweekly FastForward newsletter, to AWM membership benefits, the Gracies awards, and our Foundation, everything we do is in pursuit of elevating the presence and value of women in the media industry.

We like to think of this organization as the aggregation of all women’s voices in media, and we know that every voice is not only different, but rich in its individual context. In order to share these narratives in an even more personal and perhaps meaningful way, we’ve developed a new website, which we’ve titled, appropriately, “Voices.”

When we began this venturewe unofficially called it the Tapestry, because that’s really what it is. . . a quilt assembled of many independent parts that, when brought together, became a comprehensive picture of women’s perspectives, stories, and ambitions. As the project grew, and more women contributed to its evolution, “Voices” seemed more appropriate, and the site has indeed turned into an almost-living document of why we all come together to celebrate our unity of purpose and shared desire to make a difference.

Whoever you are, in whatever media-related profession you belong to or aspire to belong to, we encourage you to not only visit the page but contribute to its content.

Together, we believe our collective voices will continue to empower not just women in the media industry, but women around the world.

Please share your story about who or what has inspired you and how those thoughts have shaped your career and who you’ve become.