Date Published: 8 July 2021

Michelle Ray

Executive Director, The Walter Kaitz Foundation
Inspired by the voice of

Carol Maria Henry

I don't know that I had a specific career or profession in mind as I was growing up. I was certainly imbued with a sense that anything and everything was possible despite the conditions of my birth.

A Little Bit About Me

I had an innate sense that whatever I chose to embark upon would somehow work out. All I needed to have was drive and passion for any undertaking. As the Executive Director of The Walter Kaitz Foundation, it has certainly worked out so far, and I get to put my drive and passion to work every day.

A Voice of Inspiration

Carol Maria Henry, My Mother

My mother is the person who most inspires me. With a high school education in hand and the courage of her convictions, she build a life for herself in three different countries which was not predicated on others' perception of her value, societal stature or accomplishments but simply by sheer drive and ambition. Her success has been mired in the four children that she raised.

Shared Voices

AWM serves as a resource for professional networking and building allyship through shared experiences as women in media. The idea that we are building community through this organization is central to giving back and ensuring that we are focused on something bigger than ourselves. Gender equity is important to me and AWM serves it up!

Carol Maria Henry

If yuh waan good, yuh nose haffi run!

TRANSLATION: You have to work hard to get that which you seek.