Date Published: 14 July 2021

Jennifer Seelig

Director of News and Programming, KCBS Radio
Inspired by the voice of

Susan Zirinsky

I've wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember - I enjoy writing, storytelling, creating, observing and investigating everything around me! News is fun, exhilarating, spontaneous and so important.

A Voice of Inspiration

Susan Zirinsky

I have been immeasurably inspired by the great Susan Zirinsky – “Z” to those who know her, work for and with her – and admire her. For women like myself who have aspired to do great things behind-the-scenes, there is simply no greater icon, role model and example of exemplary broadcast journalism. She is a masterful producer, content creator, news hound and collaborator. She has a knack for assembling an all-star team and producing powerful broadcast journalism. She has a well-deserved reputation for orchestrating impactful coverage of some of the biggest news stories of a generation – and, she approaches her work with grit, grace and a whole lot of fabulous flair.

Shared Voices

Inspiration. Encouragement. Support. Representation. Now, more than ever, women in media need organizations championing our work - and, addressing our challenges. I am grateful for the opportunities and inspiration that come with my AWM membership.

Susan Zirinsky

Being a producer is my oxygen and the core of who I am.