Date Published: 2 July 2021

Catherine Combs

PR & Marketing Manager, Alliance for Women in Media
Inspired by the voice of

Rebekah Combs

Growing up, I dreamed of being a news anchor. My parents always had the news on, so I grew up idolizing the women (and men) on screen who were delivering breaking stories from their beautiful, well-lit studios to our living room

A Little Bit About Me

Though I'm not a news anchor today, I found my way into the media industry and currently work at the Alliance for Women in Media. As the name suggests, we collaborate and support all women in the industry, including news anchors!

A Voice of Inspiration

Rebekah Combs

My mother has instilled a strong sense of independence in me by letting me know I will always have a support system. Knowing I can always rely on her, I feel more confident in everything I do.

Shared Voices

AWM offers that support system to women in media that my mother has so graciously offered me. With that support, we can go into the world and do great things.

Rebekah Combs

The things that are meant to be yours will find their way to you. You will find the right opportunities when, and only when, the time is right.