Date Published: 7 July 2021

Becky Brooks

President, Alliance for Women in Media
Inspired by the voice of

Sue Chaffin

When I was growing up I wanted to be a high school teacher just like my mom. I loved the idea of working with students at an age where they were impressionable and could connect with them as they considered their future.

A Little Bit About Me

As my career grew, I maintained my desire to impact and inspire people at every stop of their professional growth, from students and interns to media industry titans.

A Voice of Inspiration

Sue Chaffin, My Mother

My mom inspired me personally AND professionally. She had such a presence and grace about her and positive influence on her students. She connected with people in a way that made everyone feel important. Her impact on me was understanding how to connect with various types of people in different settings but always being comfortable in my own skin - with humility and confidence.

Shared Voices

AWM is an inspiring organization thinking of a group of women signing us into existence 70 years ago. Their courage is what keeps us working hard so another group of women 70 years from now look back and are still inspired by what is happening today.

Sue Chaffin

Always remember the impact you can have by listening and connecting with someone where they are to share in their experience.